Monday, January 30, 2012

Trail Magic? without a real trail

So a friend of mine invited me to hike the family's 80 acres with her. That's cool, I thought, I love to hike near creeks and granite / bedrock. Something about the rocks jutting up out of the ground and the running water is just peace. I had a great time, there really is nothing like it.
The problem we seem to face is that we start too late. SO, here we go hiking across Cecil county, no map no compass (except her phone) and for me know idea where I was. It wasn't a long hike more of a meandering wander through her memory lane. So we were gonna come out by the Cecil county drag way and what walk home, sure the best laid plans....we ended up, I don't know, 4 miles from were we started by road in the dark.
We did get 2 ride offers though before her mom came and got us. I would say the first was drinking or had drank more than his share, the second was tempting but her mom was on the way, so we waited and chatted with him.
People can be truly generous, it is refreshing to see.

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