Friday, January 20, 2012

Me Time

I realized today, that "me time" for me has been in the woods near running water for most of my life. As a kid I would hike this creek in my neighborhood for hours every chance I got. Now I am lucky to see the sun. 
Oh, my husband thinks I am selfish for planning to hike the AT, but this is nonnegotiable, I am leaving in April. My sanity depends on it. How am I suppose to convince a man that hiking is a good idea, if he hates the woods? Sadly, I must admit I returned the insult by calling him selfish for not wanting me to be happy. 
I want to go hike that creek from my childhood, but I wonder if it is the same. Or perhaps someone would report me for trespassing...
So to prepare for this hike, I spoke with a friend of a coworker. He hiked the AT SOBO "a few years back". I got some great advise and am truly grateful. He did say I need to settle as many issues as I can, no sense taking extra baggage with me on the trail. 

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