Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Shelter, one concern down!!

I have decided on shelter! I bought an Oware 8x10 tarp. I had been contemplating my options and decided I could do the most with it. A single person tent would probably be easier to ...wait not really. Maybe its more private, and smaller, that's all I've got right now. So this way I will have room to spread out or I can share with my cousin who is considering joining me.
I do plan to add no-see-um netting around the tarp to reduce bug issues. It is just a plan right now and I want to test the tarp before I take needle and thread to it. I'll have to post pics of the test and any modifications made.
I was running through my list of gear and realized I don't yet have a mat. While shopping last night I was researching my options and reading reviews. Now I really want to test drive some mats, see how they work with my curves. I had wanted a NeoAir, but I don't want to wake up on a flat mat. So I will try to keep an open mind as I continue my search for a mat.

What am I forgetting?

  • Pack heavy but comfy - check
  • sleeping bag - check though a lighter one for summer might be nice.
  • tarp - ordered
  • stove - check
  • pot - check
  • spoon - check
  • water filter - check
  • water storage (3 leters) - check 
I know meds. and bathroom items need reviewed. 
I am concerned about the not showering. I generally need to shower to clear my sinuses (the steam) , I don't remember having issues in high school when I hiked but I know it was a big issue a few years back when I spent a week in the hospital after a trip to Egypt. They didn't let me take a shower until day 4 when I started crying and vomiting, it wasn't pretty. SO, will I be ok, or will I be foiled by my head, I am hoping all goes well.

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