Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am still preparing. I have purchased several key pieces of equipment and have decided that I will leave here in April whether I can afford the whole trail or not. I will hike as far as I can afford.
Last week I did a 4.5 mile hike with my cousin and honestly, it was tough. I wore my pack and used my trekking poles. It felt good though to get out and hike. The pack is comfortable, even loaded. I used my filter and filled up at the river. What I learned is that: Water is heavy! My right knee is weaker. and I need to start earlier in the day!! It was dark for the second half of my hike, thankfully I have already purchased a headlamp.
Sadly I don't have pictures because my camera isn't in yet.
On another note...
I am not looking forward to this semester, and having to wait for it to end to get going. April 17th won't come soon enough. It seems college gives me hives... on one of my fingers? It really is the oddest thing but when I start stressing about classes starting or finals this one finger breaks into a blistery, itchy, rash?

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