Monday, January 30, 2012

Trail Magic? without a real trail

So a friend of mine invited me to hike the family's 80 acres with her. That's cool, I thought, I love to hike near creeks and granite / bedrock. Something about the rocks jutting up out of the ground and the running water is just peace. I had a great time, there really is nothing like it.
The problem we seem to face is that we start too late. SO, here we go hiking across Cecil county, no map no compass (except her phone) and for me know idea where I was. It wasn't a long hike more of a meandering wander through her memory lane. So we were gonna come out by the Cecil county drag way and what walk home, sure the best laid plans....we ended up, I don't know, 4 miles from were we started by road in the dark.
We did get 2 ride offers though before her mom came and got us. I would say the first was drinking or had drank more than his share, the second was tempting but her mom was on the way, so we waited and chatted with him.
People can be truly generous, it is refreshing to see.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raising Awareness!!

I have been thinking for a while that my walk north should benefit more than just me and my mental health. With that in mind I have been looking for the right cause.

I believe I have found it!! This is a personal cause for me and though I am grow now and my childhood went fairly smoothly, I have always been different. My mother told me that I had a stroke before I was born, sounds crazy right but it happens. Kids have strokes. Infants have strokes. And Unborn children have strokes!

Strokes at such an early age have a variety of medical implications. My right side has been slightly weaker and smaller with less coordination and my leg is smaller and I limp when tired. I had gotten use to people not noticing, but yesterday I saw a general surgeon about something completely different and 5 seconds in "Whats wrong with your hand?" It really doesn't bother me any more but as a child I was teased relentlessly by kids at school, everyone needs to know that survivors are just that survivors!

So I am going to try to promote awareness along my hike of childhood stroke!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Shelter, one concern down!!

I have decided on shelter! I bought an Oware 8x10 tarp. I had been contemplating my options and decided I could do the most with it. A single person tent would probably be easier to ...wait not really. Maybe its more private, and smaller, that's all I've got right now. So this way I will have room to spread out or I can share with my cousin who is considering joining me.
I do plan to add no-see-um netting around the tarp to reduce bug issues. It is just a plan right now and I want to test the tarp before I take needle and thread to it. I'll have to post pics of the test and any modifications made.
I was running through my list of gear and realized I don't yet have a mat. While shopping last night I was researching my options and reading reviews. Now I really want to test drive some mats, see how they work with my curves. I had wanted a NeoAir, but I don't want to wake up on a flat mat. So I will try to keep an open mind as I continue my search for a mat.

What am I forgetting?

  • Pack heavy but comfy - check
  • sleeping bag - check though a lighter one for summer might be nice.
  • tarp - ordered
  • stove - check
  • pot - check
  • spoon - check
  • water filter - check
  • water storage (3 leters) - check 
I know meds. and bathroom items need reviewed. 
I am concerned about the not showering. I generally need to shower to clear my sinuses (the steam) , I don't remember having issues in high school when I hiked but I know it was a big issue a few years back when I spent a week in the hospital after a trip to Egypt. They didn't let me take a shower until day 4 when I started crying and vomiting, it wasn't pretty. SO, will I be ok, or will I be foiled by my head, I am hoping all goes well.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Me Time

I realized today, that "me time" for me has been in the woods near running water for most of my life. As a kid I would hike this creek in my neighborhood for hours every chance I got. Now I am lucky to see the sun. 
Oh, my husband thinks I am selfish for planning to hike the AT, but this is nonnegotiable, I am leaving in April. My sanity depends on it. How am I suppose to convince a man that hiking is a good idea, if he hates the woods? Sadly, I must admit I returned the insult by calling him selfish for not wanting me to be happy. 
I want to go hike that creek from my childhood, but I wonder if it is the same. Or perhaps someone would report me for trespassing...
So to prepare for this hike, I spoke with a friend of a coworker. He hiked the AT SOBO "a few years back". I got some great advise and am truly grateful. He did say I need to settle as many issues as I can, no sense taking extra baggage with me on the trail. 

Turkey Point

Got out with a friends for a evening hike 1-6-12, and wow were the sunsets great. Looking forward to April, especially now with my text books sitting here reminding me that I still have these classes to get through.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am still preparing. I have purchased several key pieces of equipment and have decided that I will leave here in April whether I can afford the whole trail or not. I will hike as far as I can afford.
Last week I did a 4.5 mile hike with my cousin and honestly, it was tough. I wore my pack and used my trekking poles. It felt good though to get out and hike. The pack is comfortable, even loaded. I used my filter and filled up at the river. What I learned is that: Water is heavy! My right knee is weaker. and I need to start earlier in the day!! It was dark for the second half of my hike, thankfully I have already purchased a headlamp.
Sadly I don't have pictures because my camera isn't in yet.
On another note...
I am not looking forward to this semester, and having to wait for it to end to get going. April 17th won't come soon enough. It seems college gives me hives... on one of my fingers? It really is the oddest thing but when I start stressing about classes starting or finals this one finger breaks into a blistery, itchy, rash?