Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here is how it went...April 17th, 18th

So I am a little late with all this but:

I got off work the morning of the 17th and came home. I spent the day with my husband and then double checked everything and that evening Justin took me to the bus station in Baltimore. There was a teary goodbye and I was off. My bus left in the evening with several stops along the way to Gainesville, GA. When lined up for another boarding what did I spot but another backpack!! Brett was also heading to Georgia to hike. He explained that he had 2 months and wanted to see how far he could get. He didn't have plans so I invited him to the Hiker Hostel.

I realized somewhere along the way that in all my double checking I had still forgotten to put the TP in my pack. Once in Gainesville, Brett and I went looking for TP and food. From the bus station you can't see any real food so, we walked over to the little market on the gas station, no food but score on the TP. From there though you can see the Burger King, and we headed over for veggie burgers (he doesn't eat burgers, and I'm not a fan of BK). We took our meals back to the bus station so we wouldn't miss our ride.

We met Lauryn on the way to the hostel and the three of use where put in a bunk room together. We discussed gear and our hopes for our hike. I tried to talk them into hiking the approach trail with me. No takers, so it will be just me getting dropped off at the approach trail.

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