Thursday, May 17, 2012

April 20th

I wake to rain and low spirits because I had wanted to make it to Springer Mountain last night. I get up and pack everything up inside the tent. I then take it to the shelter and return to pack my tent. I have breakfast and finish packing then head for Springer Mountain. The climb up the back of Springer reminds me that I don't live near mountains. It is a long slow climb in the rain, but I am first to sign the register at Springer this morning. I took the necessary photos and wandered around looking at the mountain and trying to figure out where to go from there...

The first white blaze!!!! Then on to Springer Mountain Shelter for another nap..... Filtered water and headed out about 2 or 3 hours later. My sleep schedule was way off.

Took a break to listen to a creek with my snack:

Hiked on toward Stover Shelter. At some point Dave, passed and I asked him to save me a spot. I get there and it is just use, then Sam rolls in, then Nate, Nick, and Mandy. Nate and Nick were out supporting Mandy at the start of her thru-hike. Sam was just hiking a section up and back. Dave was headed for Maine also.

We got a camp fire going and stayed up late, but it was such a blast. So different from the night before.

I only hiked 4.3 miles but I am glad I was here for the night.

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