Thursday, May 17, 2012

April 19th

Everyone has to be ready to go soon after breakfast, so I shower the night before to be ready. I don't sleep too bad especially after the long over night bus ride. I was tired. The morning goes well, we are up and mostly packed before breakfast, including some extra food picked up from Walmart on the way back from the bus station. Some flat bread and mini peanut butters don't add too much weight, but I start to think I may not need all the food. Better safe than sorry, Right?

Breakfast is great and I eat too much. I guess I was thinking I would need the energy. While we are all seated plans are finalized and it is decided: Our load will drop 6 at Springer Mountain and then I will get dropped at Amicalola Falls State Park for the approach trail. I decided before I left home that I wanted to see the falls and I am rewarded with truly stunning falls. I am sad to already loose Brett and Lauryn, but I am hiking my own hike.

The approach trail takes you up to the falls and then up two sets of stairs, then on to Springer Mountain. If you'll notice in the above photo the floor and stairs are all that metal grate. I would like to say that it sucks for those with a fear of heights.

I hiked a total of 7.3 miles and climbed a total of 602 stairs. Mid day I setup my tent and mat and took a nap/rest. I packed it all back up and headed north to camp at Black Gap Shelter for the night. As the only person there I setup my ten again because the empty shelter was creepy. Previous hikers have not taken good care with this shelter.

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