Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The list is getting smaller but not fast enough...

So the list of things I must do before I leave is getting shorter but not fast enough.
I still need to 
  • finish Ray-Way and other gear (quilt and bags, the hat is no longer in the plans)
  • 1.5 finals (I started one)
  • finish packing the first half of my drop boxes.
  •  update my blog with a final gear list and mail drop addresses.
  • spend time with my family.
I am making progress the mail drop list is almost ready... and I will pack the boxes as soon as I figure out the days worth of food that need to go into them. I started one final but took a break after the first 25-30 questions, and the other doesn't open till Friday night. My final gear list won't be set in stone till I leave so it may not get updated exactly. I am still trying to decide between an alcohol stove and a Jetboil. 

Oh and tonight I just messed up my little toe. I was trying to slide my chair over and my foot slipped into my computer and split the toe at the base of the nail. OUCH!! My poor little toe was dripping blood. 

So I better get to work on everything....I promise to update more often once I'm on the trail, and even if I don't make it to Maine I hope you all enjoy the adventure as much as I do. 

7 and a half more days!!!!

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