Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making my Gear!!

As those who have read my previous posts know I experienced some hip difficulties with my practice hike. I have decided that in ordered to reduce these issues I need to lighten my load and get rid of the hip belt.  So I decided to try my hand a gear assembly. I ordered a Ray-Way Backpack Kit. Reading about them suggested that the pack would weigh around 9 or 10 ounces, yup that would lighten the load, my Gregory Diva (a great pack) is 5 pounds 10 ounces or so. I also thought I would try some of their other gear to lighten even further. I can't comment yet on the rest but I can say that the Backpack is worth the effort. Assembly went fairly smoothly, and the finished product is as light as expected. Another plus, you get to pick the colors, not that I don't love my big red Diva, But I am hiking to raise awareness and funds for Pediatric Stroke so I wanted purple. The collar is purple and will be more noticeable when recently stocked with food. Oh and my husband let me get a purple rain coat so I'll be rocking a Purple rain coat and Purple rain skirt on those rainy trail days. 

I am getting excited as the days pass, 23 days till I leave for my adventure and 25 till I'm hiking toward Maine. Making progress on the drop boxes and will post a list with ETA's as soon as possible. I've been juggling planning this trip with work and homework, so this is what is left to do before I go:
  • finish Ray-Way gear (quilt, bags, and hat)
  • an essay
  • an article review
  • 2 finals
  • several regular homework assignments and conferences
  • finish packing the first half of my drop boxes.
  •  update my blog with a final gear list and mail drop addresses.
  • spend time with my family.

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