Sunday, March 11, 2012

Test Run Completed

OK so I am late in posting this because the test run was last week but....

Having completed a test run I am happy to know that my layer system will work, and I don't feel I was missing anything important. I did loose my buff while out there, and I would love a real pillow and maybe a smig more padding under my torso. Oh yeah, I also ordered gaiters, got something in my shoe once or twice. Anyway here's the rundown.

The view from Antietam Shelter

Deer Lick Shelter
I started at PA 16 and hiked past Deer Lick Shelters and Antietam Shelter in to Tumbling Run Shelters for the night, this only took a few hours but I wouldn't have made the next shelter and I was rethinking my plan to tarp camp, plus I was sore so I stayed the night. As I got there early and cooled down quickly, I got to bed early (like 5pm).
Antietam Shelter

Tumbling Run Shelters

Now that sounds kinda early but I got up at 3 and was packed and out of there by 4am. I hiked up out of Tumbling Run to Chimney Rocks before sunrise and got to watch the sun come up (at some point in the hike up I lost the buff). Having been sore before the hike out of Tumbling Run my right hip quit, now as it turns out you can hike up and down the mountain on pure determination. I got picked up at Snowy Mountain Rd. This test hike ended early but I did hike 9.7 miles in less than 24 hours.

And the folks at High Mountain Haven were great!! They helped me with a shuttle out and came and got me after my hike, they have a menu for those in need of real food.

Some other things I noticed were:
    I got this blister in the middle of the bottom of my right foot (maybe part of the reason for my hip issue)
    I need a front pocket for food and my guide, I am sure I didn't eat enough.
    I need more freedom of movement in the hip area when hiking (rest of the reason for hip issue)
    I would sleep better less restricted
    Oh and sleeping alone in the shelter kinda creeps me out, I think I'll be stealth camping more.

I have sense taken measures to improve on some issues.
     I will be attempting to assemble a Ray-Way pack and quilt, and will attempt to make a few front pockets for Nalgene's and food/guide.                        
     I also ordered a Lightheart solo tent and titanium stakes (seam sealed based on advise from another hiker).
     Oh and gaiters
     And a new buff
     and a stick pic

There are a few things I am still considering like:
     a second pad
     Oh and a pillow yet to be determined...

I also have been packing my drop boxes and in general driving my husband crazy!

39 more days!! 


  1. Heh! Mary's so crazy with my constant futzing with gear and talk of the trail, she told me she's ready to put me on the train right now!

    1. Bill, I looked at that Lightheart Gear site for 3 days, Justin finally goes "just buy it". Took me 2 more days to order it. I think he'll be happy when I stop shopping for the hike. But he'll miss me!!