Sunday, March 11, 2012

My New Lightheart Gear Solo Tent

OK, so I know I posted a while back about tarp camping, well I changed my mind.

Who knew there were so many little cottage businesses out there making great gear. Apparently other hikers, that's who. So after reviewing some "classmates" gear choices, I am changing.
I ordered a Lightheart Gear Solo tent and I would like to say first that Marc at Lightheart Gear was great. I don't have adjustable trekking poles so he made a custom ridge pole. I really love that this tent uses my trekking poles for setup and still has plenty of head room. A few minor adjustments myself and wa la:


  1. I have been using solo tent for the last two years. The best model is one that you can make adjustments without any problem. Great post, thanks for your views. Guys check out some amazing models here: