Monday, February 20, 2012

Food preps are under way!

Not only am I stocking up on foods and preparing meal size freezer bags, but I am testing other options. We tested a just add water option the other night and it was pretty good with enough pepper. So I made two freezer bags and added plenty of pepper. Here is some of what I've got so far:

I also have a bag of food in my pack for the weight. 

I got some ideas from fellow hikers and thought I'd give baking a go. My Birthday and Cody, and Justin's will all happen somewhere along the trail so I thought I'd try a brownie. This is how it turned out:

It went quick but, YUM!!


  1. I love, love, love, love, did I mention Love M&M's? I could eat a huge bag of the peanut butter once in a jiffy. The brownie looks like it came out great! You can barter a brownie for a water fill up down a steep decline. hehe :)

  2. Woohoo There is a blogspot and wordpress god. It finally let me post! After 25 attempts. Yippee!